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About Dr. Seema

As a leading ultrasonologist and radiologist, Dr. Seema Gupta has rich, diverse experience in the field of ultrasound over the past 20+ years.

Dr. Seema is respected in the ultrasound and radiology community for her impeccable diagnostic ability and strong ethics as a medical professional. In 1992, Dr. Seema graduated from the renowned L.L.R.M Medical College in Meerut and went on to complete her M.D. from Pt. B.D. Sharma PG Institute of Medical Sciences in Rohtak.

She started her career as an Ultrasonologist at Sundarlal Jain Hospital. Later, she went on to work for another prominent hospital Maharaja Agarsen before starting her own private practice.

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Best Ultrasound Clinic in Delhi Trusted by Doctors and Patients

Dr. Seema’s Ultrasound Clinic is providing personalized service for over 20 years.

Seasoned team

Our clinical team of consultants is experienced in the field of medical diagnostic ultrasound to assure your health is in good hands.

New-Age Technology

We employ the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide enhanced and accurate results to our clients to aid their treatment

Result Accuracy

Real-time imaging utilized in our ultrasound scans provides a detailed and precise examination for accurate results.

Flexible Appointments

Our team aims to reduce the waiting time for our ultrasound patients by offering a choice of flexible appointments.

Our Services

We strive to offer a diverse, outstanding and professional service, with all scan conducted by registered and qualified medical professionals.

Dating Scan (Cardiac Activity Scan)

Pregnant women are recommended a dating scan within 12 weeks of pregnancy to confirm the due date of delivery

NT NB Scan (11-13 weeks)

Conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy NT scan measures the size of nuchal translucency tissues and nasal bone for fetal down syndrome.

Genetic Sonogram (16 weeks)

If an earlier biochemical screening test revealed an increased risk of Down Syndrome, genetic sonogram is conducted for risk assessment.

TIFFA (Level 2 scan at 19 weeks)

Performed between 18th to 23rd week of pregnancy, TIFFA is an important ultrasound that helps detect congenital abnormalities in the fetus.









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What our clients say about us?

Clients place their trust in Dr. Seema for her professional and polite demeanor and her ability to accurately conduct a diagnosis.

Hear directly from our former patients and their family member for the high-level care our experts provide.

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