Dating Scan (Cardiac Activity Scan)

Pregnant women are recommended a dating scan within 12 weeks of pregnancy to confirm the due date of delivery.

NT NB Scan (11-13 weeks)

Conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy NT scan measures the size of nuchal translucency tissues and nasal bone for fetal down syndrome.

Genetic Sonogram (16 weeks)

If an earlier biochemical screening test revealed an increased risk of Down Syndrome, genetic sonogram is conducted for risk assessment.

TIFFA (Level 2 scan at 19 weeks)

Performed between 18th to 23rd week of pregnancy, TIFFA is an important ultrasound that helps detect congenital abnormalities in the fetus.

Fetal Echo Cardiography

Similar to an ultrasound, echo helps the doctor examine the structure and function of your unborn child’s heart.

Fetal Growth Scan & Doppler

Fetal growth scans take place between the 26th & 40th week of pregnancy to measure blood flow in the umbilical cord and diagnose the baby’s growth.

Pelvic Scan- Trans Vaginal Sonography (TVS)

A transvaginal or endovaginal scan is used to examine the female reproductive organs. This is an invasive procedure and requires the use of an ultrasound wand.

Whole Abdomen

An abdominal ultrasound is used to examine organs such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas to detect abnormalities.


Kidney-Ureter-Bladder scan uses ultrasound imaging to investigate the internal structure of the kidney, uterus, and bladder.

Thyroid Scan

A thyroid scan is used to examine the thyroid gland that controls your metabolism and is located at the front portion of your neck.

Breast Scan (Sono Mammography)

A breast Scan is done along with an X-ray to examine the blood flow to breast tissues and identify any lumps or mass in the region.

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