Message from Dr. Seema

As an experienced Ultrasonologist, Dr. Seema ensures utmost care for her patients at her clinic.

“I am working as an ultrasonologist for over two decades now and my sole commitments are to my clients. At my clinic, clients can expect a hygienic environment, systematic patient handling, and accurate results to help doctors treat them properly.”

Dr. Seema

Some Fun Facts


Dr Seema

As a leading ultrasonologist and radiologist, Dr. Seema Gupta has rich, diverse experience in the field of ultrasound over the past 20+ years.

Dr. Seema is respected in the ultrasound and radiology community for her impeccable diagnostic ability and strong ethics as a medical professional. In 1992, Dr. Seema graduated from the renowned L.L.R.M Medical College in Meerut and went on to complete her M.D. from Pt. B.D. Sharma PG Institute of Medical Sciences in Rohtak.

She started her career as an Ultrasonologist at Sundarlal Jain Hospital. Later, she went on to work for another prominent hospital Maharaja Agarsen before starting her own private practice.